Home Sweet Home Bread Bin, Tea, Coffee & Sugar tins,Dog Food Tins and lots more!


Product Information

The Lovely 'Home Sweet Home' collection of retro style tins, make a practical and stylish addition to the home.

We are the sole distributor of the Large Dog Food Tins and Bread Bins, as well as stocking many of the other popular lines, including Laundry Powder Tins and Cat Food Tins!

The Dimensions are as follows ( all approx.)

Large Dog - currently unavailable (Holds approx 5kg of dry food)

Bread Bin - currently unavailable

Laundry Powder/Cat Food/Dog Food Regular - 22cm x 17cm x 15cm (Holds approx 2kg of dry food)

Dog/Cat Treat - 18cm x 18cm x 16cm

Tea/Coffee/Sugar - 16cm x 10cm

First Aid - 18cm x 18cm 16cm

Dishwasher Tablets - 18cm x 12cm x 16cm

Washing Tablets - 18cm x 12cm x 16cm

Biscuits - 19cm x 19cm

(where items are show pictured as a pair, please note, only the one item selected will be sold , excluding Tea, Coffee and Sugar set.)

***Please note: If your item has not arrived within 5 working days, in the first instance please check with your local Royal Mail Sorting Office***
Brand Oak Tree
Condition New
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